About the Live Your Dream Project

The Live Your Dream Project is the official flagship Global campaign of Digital Legacy Technology Limited, which supports every human right towards the pursuit of happiness and actualization of dreams. A business campaign aimed at helping selected applicants raise money to finance their personal projects, business ideas, or even expand their existing businesses, without having to take suffocating bank loans, but by simply getting paid to take and process online surveys on our behalf, from the comfort of their homes. Every applicant is able to select a “dream” experience be it a business/project they have always wanted to do, achieve, or something they have always wanted to see or experience but have not had the opportunity to accomplish them due to diverse limitations, which in most cases usually financial.

This initiative focuses on this problem and is dedicated to resolving Africa’s most pressing social issues by supporting individuals and entrepreneurs. Which would bring about job creation and generate additional revenue on the continent. We are also dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, individuals and families from all walks of life no matter their background and financial situations; have access to our work from home wealth building service that can help them achieve financial independence full time or part time!

We are currently receiving entries from interested individuals for the next batch of our LYD project initiative where selected individuals would undergo five (5) digital training courses and be paid to simply take and process online surveys on our behalf. This initiative empowers our beneficiaries to work and earn online from home using their computers. To be a part of this project, applicants are required to apply by taking our Eligibility test. The Live Your Dream Campaign opportunity is given based on eligibility. As such, qualified applicants would be contacted and shortlisted for a session with our consultants. Applicants do not need to have special internet skills or work experience before they can apply. Age, sex, location, education is never a barrier. Once you are interested in taking part, you are good to go!

This Project does not only help and support the participants live their dreams, but also engage in social responsibility programmes from time to time – which is one of the little ways we give back to the global community.

Our Mission &Vision

Our Mission is to foster Wealth Creation through an unmatched innovation in entrepreneurship, Human capacity development and empower entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve financial independence, economic stability and LIVE THEIR DREAMS by converting their internet hobby to a legitimate means of income generation through our breakthrough ICT business concept and also provide funding solutions for startup entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to become the biggest and foremost provider of unmatched innovation and quality distribution of outstanding online wealth building opportunities to local, regional and global communities.

Powered by Digital Legacy Technology

Digital Legacy Technology Ltd is a business development and ICT empowerment team of experienced and dedicated visionaries who have come together with the aim of providing an innovative platform that facilitates wealth creation and distribution with integrity as our watchword. In partnership with other reputable international organizations, Digital Legacy Technology is currently running a Global project known as THE LIVE YOUR DREAM PROJECT. We have embarked on the Nigerian Chapter of Our World campaign tagged Live Your Dream


In today’s world, the dream mortality rate is as high as ever as the present reality consistently robs us of the desire to dream. A good number of us have settled for whatever is available based on our immediate environment and have cast our dreams aside. Millions of entrepreneurs are faced with financial constraints and so, finds it difficult to grow their businesses. This challenge has crippled thousands of companies and rendered the efforts of many entrepreneurs futile, especially those whose businesses cannot survive without an influx of funds.

Digital Legacy Technology seeks to raise vibrant entrepreneurs that will be strategically positioned for the economic growth and stability of Nigeria and other developing countries, now and in the near future. We provide a community of entrepreneurs supporting each other’s success. A hub where entrepreneurs connect, meet and collaborate globally for success.


We measure our success by how we positively impact people, society and the world.

How To Get Started

You’ll join other applicants by completing a free eligibility application, so we can learn how to further empower you as an entrepreneur/individual. Digital Legacy Technology does not have any degree or diploma requirements. We seek out exceptional people from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to unlocking their full potential and improving the world through technology.


Apply Now by filling an eligibility form so as to be considered for shortlisting


In line with our LIVE YOUR DREAM WORLD CAMPAIGN, Digital Legacy Technology would select individuals who passes our eligibility test. They would be shortlisted and invited to join other eligible applicants to participate in our training programme.


Through our powerful and unprecedented support system, you are now on your way to living your dreams.