Our Aim

Through this initiative, we help people raise cash flow towards starting a business or funding a project without taking loans, dropping collateral and without paying back the funds generated. We are honored to support these pioneers and help their journeys.

The alarming rate of poverty especially in third world countries is devastating. According to statistics, more than 40 % of people living in sub-Saharan African live at or below abject poverty level, having many unemployed youths accounts largely for the increase in cybercrime. These youths are involved in cybercrime, most often out of desperation in the bid to survive or to rescue their families out of the grip of poverty. The Live Your Dream World Project is a movement fiercely dedicated to help curb the menace of cybercrime as well as bringing about poverty alleviation by enabling young people across the country with essential digital strategies, knowledge and skills which will turn their internet hobby into a lucrative source of legitimate wealth, live a life of freedom and reach their full potentials.

We assist aspiring entrepreneur, civil servants, and cooperative workers, to build a sustainable and steady flow of income through our partnership with international organizations.

We are committed on contributing to the lives of people in positive ways that could help spark growth as our own little way of giving back to the global community.